07 October 2007

a week's worth of heirlooms and cherry tomatoes.

the heirlooms were either sliced for sandwiches or turned into spaghetti sauce. the cherries were eaten one at a time each time i passed the bowl throughout the day.

yellow pear tomatoes!

most of these were lightly roasted and tossed with goat cheese into a whole wheat fusilli.

mini zucchini

i forgot to take a picture of the arm-sized one i grew, but i stuffed it with all sorts of stuff and it was delicious.

but these little ones were way tastier so i just lightly sauteed them with the usual suspects, g.o.c. this particular blossom had more flies in it than i cared to deal with, so i composted it instead of stuffing it with cheese like i usually do.

little poblano peppers

one of my poblano pepper harvests. why did one turn half red? no idea. picked them all at the same time.

i fire roasted all of these and made them into salsa with cilantro, garlic, onion and maybe one tomatillo. those on my christmas list will be lucky enough to get some which i canned several months ago.

october 7 dinner

purple salad - roasted red onions, balsamic glazed red beets, pears, roquefort, raddichio, endive, toasted walnuts, lemon juice.

red wine risotto & mushroom marmalade. you would never think it, but this marmalade took me 2 hours to make. worth every minute.