01 June 2013

Raw Nori Rolls

 There are very few places in town where you can grab some real food on the run.  OR Juice and Smoothie is one of them.  The owner is one of the crankiest and most brisk women I've ever met, and either she has a twin, or she can bi-locate because she is always there to take my order, no matter which location I go to.  The one in the CWE is way nicer and even has it's own bathroom!  The one near the Richmond Heights Schnucks is way more hilarious, but you have to go to the bar and grill next door if you want to wash your hands.  Both locations offer entertainment in the form of hand-written notes instructing you on how to behave in the establishment.  There is a special location for straw wrappers and you will get in trouble if you use your cell phone near the food.  You can't make this stuff up!
 But the food is great!  My favourite order is a beet and carrot juice and a large order of raw nori rolls.  The problem is that comes out to almost $13.  I've always told myself to just going to start making them at home, but it didn't happen until now.  Seems like rabbit food, but I swear you will be full if you eat 6 of these.
Prep is pretty self explanatory.  Layer the ingredients at one end of the nori strips and roll them up!  The tomatoes are temporarily down at the other end to 1) hold it down and 2) moisten the end so the rolls can be sealed.  OR J&S serves them with a yummy Braggs vinagrette, but I don't know what magic is in it, so I made a miso vinagrette with low sodium miso, rice wine vinegar, and sesame oil.

Ingredients clockwise from left: greens (any kind you have-here you see baby kale,) shaved carrots, tomato, onion, avocado, sushi nori.

After I posted this, I wanted them immediately,
so I made them again.  This time with red cabbage
 instead of kale, and the addition of yellow peppers.
  And I made the sauce out of Braggs, apple cider  vinegar, sesame oil and red pepper flakes. 
Even tastier!