14 October 2011

Zucchini Cakes

I used this recipe down to a tee, so I'm not going to bother reposting.  But I want you all to know that I was absolutely floored by how much these resembled crab cakes, and not in the gross way that Match crabmeat does.  Apparently the flavour is all from the Old Bay Seasoning, but the texture from the potatoes and zucchini is truly remarkable.  Here are a few photos of the process and finished product.

Personal Avocado Salad Bowls

Like guacamole, but not mushed up, and with other salady things thrown in.  On this particular evening, I had no lettuce, so in went spinach and radishes, along with the usual tomatoes, cilantro (that's coriander to you Shaheen) onions and garlic.  Plus it's fun to eat out of the skin!

Raw Sprouted Hummus

With raw hummus, rather than boiling the chick peas, you soak them overnight, then leave them to sprout for a few days, rinsing occasionally.  This supposedly allows the enzymes that help you digest beans to remain in the beans.  So maybe the stupid paleo diet people could eat this.
 After the sprouts are a half inch long, blanch the beans in just under boiling water.  Then make hummus as you normally would with tahini, lemon juice and salt to taste.  And if you want to make it Eileenskitchen style, then add a load of cayenne pepper as well.