21 June 2014

Collard rolls

We had something pretty similar to these during our Puravegan cleanse.  After buying some collards on a whim today at Local Harvest, I developed a craving for these tasty collard rolls.

After blanching them for 10-20 seconds each, I cut out the thickest part of the stalks. 
While I did not follow a recipe, I did some googling for advice on how to best roll these.  The answer was one I would not have thought of on my own: use TWO collards per roll and overlap them!

I just winged it on the filling.  I threw some radishes and carrots in the vitamix and tossed them with some kale, cashew cheese, hemp seeds, braggs, and vegetarian fish sauce.  Pretty good, but I think I should have added some acid.  You could put anything you wanted in these really.
Then I wanted to get rid of a half cucumber I had laying around, so I peeled it and sliced it and threw it in.  Fold in the sides first, and then roll just like you would a spring roll or burrito, making sure to tuck in the filling as you go so that the roll ends up nice and tight.