21 November 2008

weird lunch

when i don't have to cook for anyone else, i end up eating scraps.  what happened here is that i had a few brussels sprouts, a smidge of leftover wine, a slab of tofu, and some sauce leftover from "spaghetti mangia" the night before.  so i braised the sprouts cut side down in the wine, then fried the tofu in a little olive oil, and landed it in yet another pool of sauce.  i think the sprouts look pretty cool with their two-tone thing they have going on. 

"spaghetti mangia"

my version of mangia's best dish
because i am not privy to mangia's recipe, and because i was too lazy to go to the store, my recipe went like this:
boil a bunch of spaghetti (i used whole wheat,) while that's cooking, mix together in a big bowl
garlic - to taste
natural yogurt
some eggs
shredded mozzarella
salt and pepper
then, when the spaghetti is done, drain it of course, and mix it into the dairy festival.  then pour the whole lot into a lasagna pan and top with some sort of delicious sliced cheese, i used provel, because i'm addicted to it.   then cook in oven at oh, 375 or so, for say 30 minutes?  i can't remember.  it will be fine as long as the eggs cook.  i just keep an eye on the cheese on top; when it is lightly browned, the rest is done.   let rest for 10 mins, then cut into squares and serve with your favorite (hot) tomato sauce poured all over the top, or set the square in a little pool of sauce if you prefer.

11 November 2008

butternut squash soup

squash, onions, veg stock, coconut milk, beer!
garnished with: yogurt, thyme bread crumbs, parsley

06 November 2008

green tomato chutney

served with wheat crackers and midnight moon goats milk cheese