30 November 2007

first annual gannon family iron chef competition!

team 1 = eileen and sean

1) Red Rice and Barley Pilaf tossed with pumpkin seed oil balsamic vinagrette garnished with halved cherry tomatoes and toasted pumpkin seeds on a bed of mache.

2) Voulavont - Curried pumpkin and peas in a thyme and rosemary cream sauce sandwiched between two layers of puff pastry.

3) Deconstructed Ravioli - Pureed pumkin, ricotta, and sundried tomatoes between sheets of fresh green white and orange pasta and finished with a sage and pumpkin seed pesto.

team 2 = niall and liam

1) Savory Pumpkin Tarts - Pumpkin puree flavoroed with salt, pepper, nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon in phyllo shells with goat cheese piping

2) Fresh Linguini over a pumpkin cream sauce with essence of fresh sage and sea salt, topped with alder plank roasted root vegetables, shelled toasted pumpkin seeds, and sliced parmesan.

3) Fire roasted Spiced pumpkin Soup drizzled with toasted pumpkin seed oil and toasted pumpkin seeds.

02 November 2007

kurt styled this shot

curry roasted squash with chickpeas, which was ok, but unlikely to be repeated. can't beat the aul soup i always say.

butternut squash

hiding out in the garden at night