24 September 2009

Nut Loaf - Ala "Delicious Cafe" in Tullamore

mix together brown bread crumbs, carrots, pistachios, walnuts, 2 eggs, a cup of yogurt, some tomato paste, salt and pepper and bake at 350 for 45 mins. Slice as you would meatloaf and serve with several salads. Beet and broccoli salads shown here. Also a fruity chutney makes the ideal sauce for nutloaf!

16 September 2009


turns out you need more than one okra plant to grow enough okra for a meal.

Amazing meal in Barcelona at Sesamo

from top: malay curry with corn fritters, sticky rice and spicy mango salad; cacao noodles in almond rucala pesto; burrata with rucala and 1/2 dried tomatoes; spicy udon noodles with smoked tofu and cherry sorbet; watermelon gazpacho