06 December 2008

deep dish pizza

delicious!!!  i used the cook's illustrated recipe, but you need a subscription to access it.  the crust was unusual in that it contained potato.  the main trick is to set the raw dough in a pool of oil so the bottom actually fries while the rest bakes.  regular ol' red sauce, topped with provel and mozzarella and filled with yellow squash, red onions and field roast.

21 November 2008

weird lunch

when i don't have to cook for anyone else, i end up eating scraps.  what happened here is that i had a few brussels sprouts, a smidge of leftover wine, a slab of tofu, and some sauce leftover from "spaghetti mangia" the night before.  so i braised the sprouts cut side down in the wine, then fried the tofu in a little olive oil, and landed it in yet another pool of sauce.  i think the sprouts look pretty cool with their two-tone thing they have going on. 

"spaghetti mangia"

my version of mangia's best dish
because i am not privy to mangia's recipe, and because i was too lazy to go to the store, my recipe went like this:
boil a bunch of spaghetti (i used whole wheat,) while that's cooking, mix together in a big bowl
garlic - to taste
natural yogurt
some eggs
shredded mozzarella
salt and pepper
then, when the spaghetti is done, drain it of course, and mix it into the dairy festival.  then pour the whole lot into a lasagna pan and top with some sort of delicious sliced cheese, i used provel, because i'm addicted to it.   then cook in oven at oh, 375 or so, for say 30 minutes?  i can't remember.  it will be fine as long as the eggs cook.  i just keep an eye on the cheese on top; when it is lightly browned, the rest is done.   let rest for 10 mins, then cut into squares and serve with your favorite (hot) tomato sauce poured all over the top, or set the square in a little pool of sauce if you prefer.

11 November 2008

butternut squash soup

squash, onions, veg stock, coconut milk, beer!
garnished with: yogurt, thyme bread crumbs, parsley

06 November 2008

green tomato chutney

served with wheat crackers and midnight moon goats milk cheese

02 October 2008

butternut and asparagus pasta

whole wheat linguini, sauteed asparagus and butternut squash, just a little tomato sauce, goat cheese and fried sage

26 September 2008

the pile

grilled polenta, portabella, eggplant, patty pans, field roast on a bed of tomato puree dusted with parmesan

08 September 2008

stuffed oversize patty pan

boil then hollow out squash. stuff with sauteed onions, garlic, red lentils, bulgar wheat, herbs and truffle oil. bake for 30min. sprinkle with grated parmesan and broil.

05 July 2008

Pea Turnout = Not Very Many & Not Worth It

On the right, 5 "Snap Peas" and on the left 16 "Wando Peas" that yielded this pathetic handful you see above. Both were tasty. I think I put these into egg salad, or at least I should have.

Mushroom Cheesecake, Mustard Greens

25 January 2008

Homemade Seitan

I got the recipe here.
So far, I've put it in stew with turnips, carrots and celery. I made Chinese "beef and broccoli" in a black pepper sauce. And for breakfast today, "steak and eggs." It's pretty tasty I think. Kurt likes it. I'd like to tweak it a bit next time to include more grains and herbs.

02 January 2008

2007 dinners

Sunday march 4 - vegetable pot pie

Monday march 5 - big salad

Tuesday march 6 - whole wheat linguini with spinach and tomato sauce, garlic bread

Wednesday march 7 - stir fry, brown rice

Thursday march 8 - Riley’s pizza

Friday march 9 - Trattoria Marcella

Saturday march 10 - baked pasta and salad

Sunday march 11 - homemade pizza

Monday march 12 - grilled houloumi, falafel, grilled vegetables, tzatsiki

Tuesday march 13 - baked pasta, salad

Wednesday march 14 - riblets, brussels sprouts, baked potatoes

Thursday march 15 - Joanie's pizza

Friday march 16 - cheese plate

Saturday march 17 - St. Patrick’s day, k- pizza, e- nothing

Sunday march 18 - ?
Monday march 19 - ?
Tuesday march 20 - ?
Wednesday march 21 - ?
Thursday march 22 - ?

Friday march 23 - Riley’s pizza

Saturday march 24 - Iron Barley

Sunday march 25 - mom and dad Gannon’s

Monday march 26 - big salad

Tuesday march 27 - riblets, baked potatoes, broccoli

Wednesday march 28 - k - frozen pizza, e - nothing

Thursday march 29 - Quorn cutlets, potatoes, brussels sprouts

Friday march 30 - Mexican corn griddle cakes with sour cream and salsa

Saturday march 31 - Lucas Park Grille - e - mushroom pasta, k - can't remember

Sunday April 1 - baked pasta (variation?) salad

Monday April 2 - burritos

Tuesday April 3 - e - crazybowlsandwraps bowl, k - nachos - I assume at some sporting event

Wednesday April 4 - Indian

Thursday April 5 - Riley’s pizza

Friday April 6 - ?
Saturday April 7 - ?
Sunday April 8 - ?

May - ?

June - ?

Saturday July 28 - Iron Barley - morels mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Sunday July 29 - k - cpk at airport, e - bit of this, that, other

Monday July 30 - fried squash blossoms stuffed with mozzarella, eggplant rolls, shell pasta, grilled zucchini

Tuesday July 31 - grilled houloumi, polenta, portabellas, spinach/chickpea/tomato/cucumber salad

Wednesday august 1 - fusilli with roasted yellow pear tomatoes, goat cheese, olives, basil and garlic

Thursday august 2 - tapas for Kelly fishbish's bday - falafel, Swiss chard & pine nuts, polenta, shitakes sautéed in butter, fried manchego, olives, smoked nuts, roasted yellow beets, grilled houloumi, asparagus in balsamic syrup, homemade cinnamon ice cream

Friday august 3 - k - frozen pizza, e - ?

Saturday august 4 - k - Biggie’s steak sandwich, e - ?

Sunday august 5 - yellow tomato salad, spinach feta pizza

Monday august 6 - stuffed tomatoes, field roast, asparagus

Tuesday august 7 - stuffed zucchini, field roast, tomato salad

Wednesday august 8 - Riley’s pizza

Thursday august 9 - Gillian Welch concert - Blueberry Hill - not very good

Friday august 10 - wedding food

Saturday august 11 - e leaves for Ireland, so lots of egg salad sandwiches and mashed potatoes, k fends for himself for 3 weeks.

Tuesday September 4 - whole wheat ravioli with zucchini, spinach, yellow tomato sauce, salad, bread

Wednesday September 5 - napoleon of grilled sweet potato, yellow squash, eggplant, red pepper, red onion, portabella, smoked gouda

Thursday September 6 - Riley’s pizza

Friday September 7 - spring rolls, pot stickers and stir-fry

Saturday September 8 - Scottish Arms - vegetables cooked in fierce amounts of butter

Sunday September 9 - Joanie's pizza

Monday September 10 - frissee salad, potato salad, asparagus wrapped in tofu - strange all around

Tuesday September 11 - Ethiopian new year - k refuses to go to Meskerem - end up eating disgusting sweet potato pasta from jay's. gray and plasticky

Wednesday September 12 - sprouted grain buns with eggplant, orange pepper, red onion, spinach, smoked gouda, side of asparagus

Thursday September 13 - k - Riley’s, e nothing

Friday September 14 - lots of appetizers at Sean and Marilyn’s balloon glow party

Saturday September 15 - beer fest

Sunday September 16 - Niall and Gretchen's house, 2 soups: tomato red pepper and parsnip asparagus, pasta with morels, tomato and asparagus and honey jalapeño puree

Monday September 17 - crazybowlsandwraps

Tuesday September 18 - polenta with tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella, eggplant, pepper, onion, sugar snap peas, tempeh

Wednesday September 19 - Guido’s delivery

Thursday September 20 - e - vegetarian society potluck barbeque, k - baseball game..............

Friday September 21 - Riley’s!

Saturday September 22 - k's 31st, dinner with mom and dad Schmid in "Newtown" aka stepford

Sunday September 23 - Terrene - flatbread pizza, butternut squash soup, salad, e - stir-fry, k - steak and twice baked potato, green beans

Monday September 24 - chili mac

Tuesday September 25 - pesto egg sandwich with tomato and cheese, cup o' chili

Wednesday September 26 - white baked pasta with broccoli and eggplant, red sauce

Thursday September 27 - burritos - whole wheat tortillas, black beans, Chihuahua, asparagus, chayote, red pepper, mushrooms, carrots, guacamole, chips

Friday September 28 - Cunnetto's pasta

Saturday September 29 - grilled match burgers, roasted potatoes, corn

Sunday September 30 - Mangia breakfast, dinner - leftover Cunnetto's sauce with whole wheat linguini and asparagus, salad

Monday October 1 - polenta, eggplant, peppers, zucchini, broccoli

Tuesday October 2 - spaetzle with sauerkraut, tofu and cream sauce. side of brussels sprouts

Wednesday October 3 - eggplant parmesan inside filo dough. side o' broccoli

Thursday October 4 - Riley’s

Friday October 5 - riblets, macaroni and cheese, broccoli

Saturday October 6 - Lemongrass restaurant - Vietnamese

Sunday October 7 - "purple salad:" radicchio, roasted red onion, roasted beets, sliced pear, walnuts and Roquefort. red wine risotto with mushroom marmalade

Monday October 8 - leftovers from yesterday

Tuesday October 9 - peppers, eggplant, green beans, tempeh, carrots, and FRESH straw mushrooms in shitake/sesame sauce over brown rice

Wednesday October 10 - cold veggie sandwich, carrot sticks

Thursday October 11 - salad from KDHX pledge drive, cheese sandwich

Friday October 12 - spaghetti and v. meatballs. salad, garlic bread

Saturday October 13 - field roast, mashed sweet potatoes, broccoli

Sunday October 14 - Tap Room

Monday October 15 - mushroom barley soup

Tuesday October 16 - Charlie Gitto’s downtown

Wednesday October 17 - lunch: yellow split pea and pumpkin soup
dinner: spinach salad, chili mac

Thursday October 18 - e - potato salad and other rubbish from misla UMSL gig. k - leaves gig at intermission and enjoys a lovely Riley’s pizza during Eileen’s solo

Friday October 19 - curry roasted butternut squash and chickpeas, broccoli parmesan - recipes from "food and wine" not worth repeating

Saturday October 20 - lunch: Mclozzi deli, dinner: Riley’s pizza

Sunday October 21 - breakfast: scrambled eggs, potato pancakes, arugula salad
dinner: Sean and Marilyn’s: red rice frittata, penne in red lentil sauce, salad, roasted cauliflower

Monday October 22 - jury duty: lunch: Dubliner sandwich, dinner: spaghetti and meatballs

Tuesday October 23 - lunch: falafel, dinner: Terrene: e - seitan and fries, k - "meat the Flintstones"

Wednesday October 24 - lunch: egg salad sandwich, dinner: minestrone - tomato, kale, zucchini, kidney beans, pasta shells, carrots

Thursday October 25 - k - Guido’s, e - terrible sandwich at gig

Friday October 26 - El Paisano - Mexican

Saturday October 27 - King and I - Thai

Sunday October 28 - lunch: Soda Fountain Square, dinner: mom and dad Gannon’s - stew and 7 layer salad

Monday October 29 - leftover stew

Tuesday October 30 - wedding aniv. reservations at Franco, lost gift cert, cancel reservations, dinner at Savor

Wednesday October 31 - Halloween - black bean chili and Andy and Val’s

Thursday November 1 - lunch: Carmen cafe, dinner: Riley’s

Friday November 2 - spaetzle with spinach and mushrooms, zucchini soufflé

Saturday November 3 - Riley’s

Sunday November 4 - Vin de Set - spinach crepe, e - quinoa with match sausage, parsnips and spinach, k - meat the Flintstones

Monday November 5 - gobetti baked with rapini, cannelini beans, arugula, red peppers, leeks, garlic and natural yogurt

Tuesday November 6 - Quorn cutlets, mashed rutabaga/carrot/sweet potato, blackened brussels sprouts

Wednesday November 7 - k - out of town, e - Meskerem - Ethiopian

Thursday November 8 - k - out of town, e - slop: rutabega, red pepper, red lentils, brussels sprouts, leftover injera

Friday November 9 - zucchini stuffed with meatballs and mozzarella, garlic/parm bread, gobetti puttanesca, salad with spinach, radicchio, bleu cheese and walnuts

Saturday November 10 - Midwest Comhaltas meeting - Hilton food

Sunday November 11 - breakfast: potato latkes, spinach/mushroom/muenster frittata. dinner: Sean and Marilyn’s - salad in parmesan bowl, mushroom tart, pumpkin soup, cheese plate

Monday November 12 - field roast, mashed yellow carrots, broccoli

Tuesday November 13 - lunch: Blues City Deli, dinner: stir-fried herbed tofu, tomato, broccoli, yellow pepper, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts over brown rice

Wednesday November 14 - homemade stl-style pizza

Thursday November 15 - Riley’s

Friday November 16 - k - lunch with the patriarchs at Dubliner, film festival at Frontenac - dinner at Hacienda - terrible - won't be back

Saturday November 17 - brunch: asparagus frittata, sage potatoes, dinner: Carmen cafe - spinach pies, baba ganouj, e - falafel plate, k - chicken shwarma

Sunday November 18 - lunch: e - breakfast calzone, k - 2 bags Doritos, dinner: white-baked spaghetti, smothered in red sauce, garlic bread, and of course, broccoli

Monday November 19 - cashew "chicken" over WHITE rice! apricot beers

Tuesday November 20 - Riley’s while waiting for Billy and Andréa

Wednesday November 21 - Meskerem

Thursday November 22 - Thanksgiving

Friday November 23 - Iron Barley restaurant

Saturday November 24 - Riley’s

Sunday November 25 - IRON CHEF!!!

Monday November 26 - Quorn cutlets, thyme fingerlings, brussels sprouts

Tuesday November 27 - dining out for life - Mangia Italiano - k - spaghetti meatballs, e - puttanesca, arugula salads, wild mushrooms in thyme cream, Gruner Vetliner and Chianti Classico

Wednesday November 28 - vg burgers and roasted fingerlings, asparagus

Thursday November 29 - chili at Rob and Bridget’s

Friday November 30 - minestrone - same as before but this time with corn at Kurt’s insistence

Saturday December 1 - symphony- stuffed mushrooms and bleu new potatoes at house before concert with Schmids

Sunday December 2 - movie at Hi-Pointe, dinner at Riddles Penultimate

Monday December 3 - k - Kemoll's, e - sandwich

Tuesday December 4 - riblets, kale, whole wheat shells and white cheddar

Wednesday December 5 - Christmas concert - k - frozen pizza, e - crazy bowl

Thursday December 6 - Riley’s

Friday December 7 - salad and vegetable pot pie

Saturday December 8 - lunch: Chuy Arzola's, dinner: terrene - crusted tofu, olives, raisins, tomato over basmati,

Sunday December 9 - egg rolls - shitake, broccoli and jicama, Coq au Vin without the coq

Monday December 10 - butternut squash soup, mixed greens with toasted soy nuts, sunflower seeds, jicama, tomatoes, carrots and pumpkin seed oil vinaigrette

Tuesday December 11 - vg burgers with roasted baby sweet potatoes and a pickle

Wednesday December 12 - Meskerem - lentil sambosas, vg. combo

Thursday December 13 - Riley’s

Friday December 14 - Mullins wassail

Saturday December 15 - Five - amuse bouche, e - eggplant blinis, k - tuna tartar, celeriac soup, beet/stilton/micro greens, fresh linguini with baby Japanese turnips, arugula, pearl onions, butternut squash, 3 forest mushrooms,

Sunday December 16 - crazybowlsandwraps feast, McGurks Xmas party

Monday December 17 - attempt to recreate pasta from Five

Tuesday December 18 - field roast, mashed turnips, broccoli

Wednesday December 19 - spinach salad, garlic bread, baked gobetti

Thursday December 20 - Riley’s

Friday December 21 - chili mac

Saturday December 22 - Elissa and Jim’s Xmas party

Sunday December 23 - free dinner at McGurks with St. Vincent's choir

Monday December 24 - Christmas eve at the Schmids

Tuesday December 25 - Christmas day at the Gannons

Wednesday December 26 - vg. burgers and fingerlings

Thursday December 27 - slia xmas party and Riley’s

Friday December 28 - Guido’s

Saturday December 29 - nyc - Kurt and Billy - football and pizza, E and Andrea - Angelica's Kitchen - tons of vegan food

Sunday December 30 - Tabla - bread bar - wazwan tasting menu

Monday December 31 - pizza party at Billy and Andrea's