06 October 2008

quadrigeminal tomato salad

i stole this idea from my brother.  i grew the red one. the others were acquired elsewhere.  in front you see wedges of fresh ricotta.  all sitting in a pool of evoo and balsamic vinegar, with a light sprinkling of sea salt.


Matthew Frederick said...

oh man. i wish it were still summer. that looks like the perfect thing to eat in the summer.

kg said...

I ate the last of your delicious red tomatoes with my lunch today. Til next year.

matty lite said...

Ha ha! Finally! Something on your blog I don't want to eat at all! (I think plain old tomatoes not on a sandwich or something are gross).

Also, having to look up that weird word you used led me to something that sounds outrageously uncanny and terrifying to me.