03 July 2010

Mashed Frites with Seitan and Mushrooms and Backyard greens

This one was inspired by one of the courses we had at an "underground dinner" a few weeks ago. Now while I found that whole experience culinarily underwhelming, I did particularly enjoy this dish, especially since it was family style and I was able to sneak lots of extra morels onto my plate. This is about as "home cookin" as vegetarian food can get.

3 large potatoes, boiled skins on
1 cup plain greek yogurt
1 T butter
1 handful parsley
salt and pepper
1 cup seitan
4 cups shitake mushrooms (or morel if you are lucky)
white wine
a pinch or two of flour (optional)
1 large bunch of your favorite greens
splash of apple cider vinegar
1 t honey

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