30 August 2011

Farmers Market Concoction 2011

When you have awesome produce, but no inspiration for what to do with it, and the following day you're leaving town for two weeks, what do you do?  Cut it up, cook it, toss it in a bowl with some stuff and chow down.  If you keep it simple, you can't really go wrong, because vegetables are delicious.  This year's concoction went as follows:

1 bunch swiss chard, chopped and sauteed with garlic and onionsin grapeseed oil
2 ears corn, roasted over the stove flame, and kernels cut off
3 heirloom tomatoes, chopped
Basil stolen from neighbors alley since I killed mine.
Toss all of this with the thickest balsamic vinegar you can get your hands on, salt and pepper and enjoy!

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