10 March 2014

Brussels Sprout Pizza

In November we took a vacation to NYC with our only two goals being 1) see friends and 2) eat lots of delicious things.  On our very first night in town, our friends suggested a pizza place that just happened to be across the street from our hotel.  One cannot go to New York and not eat pizza, so why not do it right away!  The great thing is that this was Neapolitan pizza, which is delicious, and not New York pizza, which is flavorless and floppy.  If you are in Brooklyn, check out this place Sottocasa.  You will not be dissappointed!  This is my take on their "Autunno" pizza, only mine is on whole wheat, no speck, and probably way less cheese.  Smoked mozzerella and brussels sprouts is a combination I recommend highly.  Sorry for the crappy picture.

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