14 December 2010

Quartet of Bruschetta

While in Montalcino last month, we had a very unexpectedly enjoyable lunch at a little wine store that you wouldn't even expect served food.  We had riboletta, bruschetta and a cheese plate, and it was one of the best meals we had in Italy.  So that's what inspired this little plate. 
Two are recreations and two are my own inventions.  Clockwise they are: 1) mushrooms sauteed in olive oil and seasoned with thyme and sea salt 2) white beans and garlic seasoned with rosemary 3) chopped green olives, tomatoes and gorgonzola 4) artichokes with parmesan and little bit of mayonaise.  


kg said...

Yes, please. What is going on with your renovation?

e said...

still getting quotes. dreading any amount of time with no kitchen

Cbrady3 said...

looks so good. Hannah's blog is http://hannahspumpkinpatch.blogspot.com/