02 December 2011

Pig-Free BST Sandwich

Thanks to my favourite food blogger in the world for hipping me to this veggie "bacon" recipe.  After a recent household debate about whether or not to toast the bread on a BLT, it seemed like it was a good excuse to finally try this out.  It's a BST because I felt like using spinach.  And I used American yellow mustard because that's what I had on my very first BLT at Venture when I was in grade school.  I'm on the no toasting side of the argument, so that's what you see here.


Shaheen said...

Oh you are just so kind Eileen.

I've linked your entry from the original recipe. I hope that is okay with you. Do hope your keeping well x

e said...

Totally! I need more linkage! I'm doing great thanks!