01 April 2012

Barley and Asparagus Pilaf

Just a simple side dish, or main meal if you're me!  Cook barley according to instructions on package.  Chop and caramelize one whole onion in a large pan.  When onions are almost done, add asparagus and saute until tender.  Toss in cooked barley until you are happy with the ratio of grain to vegetable.  Salt and pepper to taste and serve as is, or with shaved parmesan or almonds. 


Shaheen said...

I've yet to try Barley pilaf or Barley risotto, I think the time is coming. Asparagus is in season here too.

e said...

Barley is the new brown rice as far as I'm concerned!

sechale said...

Delish, will try this one ... !