01 April 2012

Shitake Tamales, with Mole Mofu and Lime Dressed Salad

Yet another mushroom dish!  Clearly I'm obsessed.  Vegetarian tamales are pretty hard to come by in restaurants, and the frozen ones from Target have a frightening amount of fat in them.  In my opinion, if they are that fattening, they should taste better than they do.  So homemade tamales it was!

To round out the meal, I came across some mole dressed Mofu.  I've been trying to avoid eating tofu lately because of the concerns surrounding soy, but since Mofu is local and organic, I make the occasional exception.

Finally, a simple cabbage, kale and avocado salad with lime vinagrette.


Shaheen said...

ah I am always excited by your meals as they are very diferent to what we have here in the U.K. The shiitake tamales sound good, I've only had tamale once when in the US and I remember not enjoying them, but I think I may have changed my mind since.

e said...

They are pretty bland most of the time. The filling needs to be extra tasty, and it helps to have some kind of sauce around to flavour the cornmeal part.