30 June 2012

Mexi Salad

I randomly found myself buying jicama at the store the other day.  Though I love it, I hadn't bought it in years because I always seemed to forget I had it until it was already rotten.  Since it is such a pain to peel, and I had time on my hands that particular day, I went ahead and processed the whole thing into 1 inch strips and splashed on some apple cider vinegar as a preservative. 
I already had an English cucumber, avocado, local tomatoes and greens, thus this salad was born.  If you're not from St. Louis, you may not know how insanely hot it is.  Baking is out of the question and even sauteing adds too much steam to the already steamy environment.  I kind of like having restrictions to force me to be more creative.  I dressed the salad with red pepper oil and more apple cider vinegar and sprinkled a little cayenne on top.  It earned K's seal of approval.

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