14 July 2012

Pistachio Pizza

First, let me say that I ripped this idea off completely from "The Bradley" at Epic Pizza and Subs in Soulard.  I had seen this article and lodged it somewhere in my memory.  I'm not in the habit of eating pizza for lunch, but one Saturday I had a craving on my way to play a wedding in Lafayette Square.  I was totally blown away by this pizza because it had the flavour and mouth feel of Italian sausage.  The secret - Pistachios and Rosemary.  These are helped along by sea salt and caramelized onions (always welcome in basically any dish) and heaps of Parmigiano Reggiano.  

Sometimes I regret ordering a pizza that doesn't have red sauce, but not this time.  Now I crave it fortnightly and have started to make it myself.  The only difference with mine is the whole wheat crust, which makes it a much sturdier slice.  Not better, just different.  I will take a better picture next time.


Nikki Burst said...

This sounds wonderful and the pistachio is not used enough, in my opinion!

Shaheen said...

Pistachio and rosemary, together - I am intrugued.