17 October 2010

ONE jalapeno harvest

One jalapeno plant produces far more peppers than one person can possibly use. I picked a bag this big at least 4 times this summer. Most of the time I would just use one per night for dinner. I also did some jalapeno vodka infusions. But the bulk of them are going to my friends Bridget and Brian so they can make more of their delicious hotsauce, with which I liberally top most of my meals.


mangocheeks said...

They are pretty jalapenos. Your freinds are lucky to get them.

mangocheeks said...

How did I find you?

I think it was to do with your lovely pumpkin recipes. So many and all so different.

Wish I had found your blog much earlier. YOu have so many wonderful recipes here. I am going to have my dinner first, then I am setting in front of the computer read through your blog.

Kind wishes.

kg said...

Yum! I ate some of their sauce last night!