19 September 2012

Fried Green Tomato Salad

To mark the end of tomato season, I decided to give green tomatoes a moment in the spotlight.  Well the decision was made for me when I went to the market and saw how hopelessly undelicious the regular tomatoes looked.  I'm no expert on fried tomatoes, so I just googled a random recipe and used it.  I used coconut oil though, and not nearly as much as the recipe called for.  

I dressed the greater part of a box of supergreens with a T of Basil oil, a t of apple cider vinegar, salt and pepper.  Toss in pickled red onion slices, top with goat cheese sprinkles and tomatoes. 

Hint: If you like your tomatoes a little softer, bake them on 200 for half an hour after you fry them.  I did this and I think it was an improvement.  I'm pretty sure that's not traditional though.

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Nikki Burst said...

This is exactly what I wanted to be reminded to do this week - fry me up some green tomaters!