08 September 2012

Smoked Green Bean Salads

I first had smoked green beans at Square One Brewery in Lafayette Square.  They have some of the most creative and delicious salad combinations I've ever come across.

I have an actual smoker, but it is for indoor use and makes my hair smell like a bonfire, so I skipped it for these.  Instead I dressed the beans in a mixture of Wright's liquid smoke, Braggs, and a little sesame oil.  Equal parts of each.  Then I roasted them slow and low in a single layer at 250 for 40 mins, or until they get a little bit shriveled.

You almost don't need to dress the rest of the salad after you put these on top, but you can use a little balsamic vinagrette if you want. 

1) Above: I placed the beans on a bed of arugula, topped them with red onion slices, tomato wedges and a little sprinkle of Baetje Farms Cheese for a salad I could easily make a meal from. 

2) Left: To make it more of a main course salad, throw some baked polenta slices on top.  This time I used Seaside Smoked Cheddar to bring out the smokiness of the beans.  And the last of the season's heirloom tomatoes. 

I'm really really bummed that tomato season is over, but I keep reminding myself that absence makes the heart grow fonder.


Shaheen said...

Liquid smoke is still hard to get hold of in the U.K, but worth it when tracked down. Love the sound of this.

e said...

I will mail you some! This new Wrights stuff is very pure and a great improvement on the processed stuff that's always been around here.