21 February 2015

Hot sauce

My friend Mike was gifted this pile of peppers and passed them onto me hoping I could make better use of them.  I didn't really know what I would do with them either, but then the obvious struck me! I have a few friends who regularly delve into the world of hot sauce making, and I have always contributed peppers I've grown to the cause, one such year I had a jalapeño plant that wouldn't quit!  I harvested about a hundred in one day that summer.  This year I didn't grow any peppers, but it is the year I made hot sauce! Go figure. 
I decided I probably had enough of each color to make separate red and green sauces.  Here is the green in production.  This is more of a quick recipe where everything goes into the blender at once and bob's your uncle.
One recipe called for a purée of boiled carrots onions and garlic.  I wasn't sure which one I was going to add it to, but I decided on red in the end, as it would have destroyed the green color. 
My other recipe called for a fermentation, which is always of excitement for me.  They say to leave it to ferment as long as you like, tasting it each day until the flavour is just right.  I waited about a week, and then I was sick of waiting, so I blasted it in the vitamix with just a little of the carrot mixture, which in itself was pretty spicy because I boiled them inthe same water I used to blanch the peppers. 
When we moved into this house over 10 years ago, I was way into HP steak sauce on scrambled eggs.  My inner hoarder convinced me I needed to save all the empty bottles and they have sat in the basement ever since.  Until now!  I had way more of the red sauce, so I put that in the hoarded bottles, and bought the bottles for the green, which came with a little dripper thingy that I had to remove to get any sauce out of it.  I brought these to our Christmas Eve gumbo party and they were a big hit!  More on the vegan gumbo here.

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