21 February 2015

Vegan lentil loaf

I've been messing around with different variables in my meatless loaves this winter.  The ones with eggs definitely hold their shape better when sliced.  But I use tahini and gelled flax seeds in the vegan one, and it works pretty well.  This one here has pulverized mushrooms, celery, carrots, breadcrumbs, red lentils, sauteed onions, ground flax, tahini, and thyme.  Parchment paper is a must if you want to have any hope of getting it out of the pan.  Top with ketchup and broil for old-timey feel.  More to come after I get it plated!

1 comment:

Shaheen said...

I love lentil loaves, just a shame the only time we eat it when its autumn or winter. Hope your well Eileen. Been a long time.